Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Detox gives my head the ouchies..

I forgot how much fun it is the first few days your liver starts recouping from all the crap you've put in it. Woke up with a migraine and nausea - but I have powered THROUGH and will continue to do so. Awesome leg workout and intervals are DONE - though I ended up having to shut off my ipod because my head was pounding so bad. Water, water, water to flush all this OUT! I actually LOVED my grilled fish and brussel sprouts last night...yum..can't wait for tonight!

Weigh in today: 156

Rock ON ladies!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Time for Thanks to my favorite blogs

I remember having a conversation with Tony in October about how so many people just give up in October and sit at the Thanksgiving table already 10lbs up from summer and think, screw it, and start the year worse than the year before. And as I sit here carbo bloated and 8lbs up from where I was 3 months ago, I woke up and thought WOW - he was right! I am a big fat pig who has given up! WTF is wrong with ME????

Needless to say, I am not BACK on the wagon - I AM THE WAGON. Hop on board! Weight this morning was 157.7. My goal is 150 by New Year's Eve. And it is going to happen. I have my sister's wedding in Ireland in February and my dress is GORGEOUS and was purchased when I was 149 SO IT NEEDS TO FIT. And then in March I head down to Florida for Mama's weekend away that I do every year all by myself - and I plan on ROCKING that bikini. And then in April the kids and I are headed BACK to Florida for almost 3 weeks..whoohooo!!! So I pretty much have the Spring planned out and I am IN IN IN for looking flippin fabulous.

We started cleaning out the basement yesterday and I found a bin of old pictures..I have now found 2 AMAZING shots for motivation of me in my late 20's...one is a bikini shot and the other in this little tight dress and MAN I was smokin'...I told Steve - SEE, I AM NOT DELUSIONAL, I DID HAVE A SMOKIN' BODY...he just shakes his head and walks away. Whatev.

I also want to take a moment and shout out to those of you bloggers who I AM THANKFUL FOR given it is the week of thanks..in no order and don't be sad if you aren't on here..I love everyone you know..

1. Liimu - GIRL, I love your blog, I love your struggles, I love how REAL YOU ARE - you have done remarkable things with yourself and there is this inner "I AM A HOT SMOKIN WOMAN" attitude about you that is so freakin sexy and motivating!!! I LOVE YOUR MOJO.

2. Melissa - so much love, so little time. You never hide your struggles and I feel your pain so many times. I shake my head each and every day how you sometimes get out of bed in the morning, nevermind do everything else you do while raising your gorgeous son. You are amazing and inspire me each and every day - no matter what you eat or what you do for a workout.

3. Tina/April/Stacey/Angela - ladies - you freakin ROCK THE HIZ HOUSE. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Serious, Frank, serious. Bowing down right now. I am not worthy.

4. Julie - if there is one human on earth that I would pick to my workout/training partner in anything, it would be you. I think we would have a blast and beat the crap out of each other. And you can teach me how to swim and I can teach you how to bike and we would win the Ironman..

5. Ev - THANK YOU for being you and pushing yourself and introducing Mel and me to the T-man. Without you I never would have found all this inspiration and the guy behind the curtain. You work harder and beat yourself more than anyone I see and I love you for it.

And that's that. I promise to be better about posting. I promise to stop eating pizza. I promise to be TRUE AND REAL TO MYSELF.


Friday, November 21, 2008


Go forth and be fabulous. HAVE A BLAST!!!