Monday, July 27, 2009

For all my racing girls..

The husband of a good friend of mine just did the Lake Placid Ironman this weekend..I have been following his training on his blog and Facebook for months..15-25 hours a WEEK. Take a look at his blog at what can happen to even the most conditioned athlete - eat RIGHT, train SMART and always know that this can happen to the very very best of athletes out there...he is amazing! I bow to all Ironmen competitors.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Me Me Me Me and More...Me - Tagged by Liimu

Does this officially count as my post of the week? ha!

Thanks Liimu...I am easy pickings for this award since nobody knows I'm out here!

Apparently as a recipient of this lovely ME award I now have to list 7 Traits about myself that are quirky or make me stand 7 quirky?

1. I was born with 6 fingers on each hand. They were removed before I was 2 but it is dad has 6 toes and my brother had 6 fingers and 6 toes on his left extremities. My son got extra tabs but that's it...but he has the gene. I was sad to not produce another 6 finger freak like myself :)

2. I have gained 75lbs with each baby (2 of them) and lost all of it within months of giving birth. My son weighed 11lb, 11oz (and no, NO GD) and my daughter was 8lb, 12 oz 2.5 weeks early. I guess my quirky trait is I grow abnormally large babies.

3. I just may be the WORST delegator on the planet as there is nothing that I feel can't be done better than by me when it comes to workload. This makes me a horrific manager but a fabulous individual contributor :)

4. I hate being told what to do. And I mean, even as far as my husband suggesting what I eat for breakfast. If it isn't my idea, I want nothing to do with it..even if it's something I wanted to do begin with. This makes my relationship with Tony a bit of a love/hate :-)

5. I get tan walking to the mailbox.

6. There is not a day in my life that I don't think of ways of bettering myself and learning more. My drive is one of the things I am most proud of..yet for some reason it doesn't always translate to getting fit which drives me mad.

7. I consider myself one of the best friends to ever have but cross my once and get crossed off my list forever.

7 people to Tag..yikes..let me get back to this later..will require research :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Impossible is Nothing

The first year I rode the Pan Mass that slogan was on a bracelet I wore the entire 180 miles. Superpowers, mind games, whatever - it worked.

In 4 weeks, I ride again. This year is a little bittersweet for me - through the course of the year, Steve's dad and I have had a minor falling out and are actually not speaking right now. I have tried quite a few times but he is just..unresponsive. He got into a car accident in April - actually, he got into his car half drugged out after an MRI and decided he should drive himself around without a seatbelt and almost killed himself. I was so furious I refused to call and offer sympathy. There are times he gets so caught up in being ill and being catered to, that I think part of him was just mad that the cancer is going away and someone might not pay attention to him anymore. Whatever, the case..and however wrong I was with my feelings, it is what it is right now. 13 years the man has fought cancer and he almost took his life because he didn't want to wrinkle his damn shirt. Ugh. is strange for me this year but it is not just for him that I do this..I do this for my friend, Renee, who at 37 is an Ovarian cancer survivor and single mom; for my friend, Jen, who continues to battle brain cancer, run her own foundation all WHILE training and running marathons to this day ( for the so many other cancer fighters out there that inspire me..we must find a cure.

To check out my Pan Mass profile, click HERE.

Impossible is nothing.

Rock on,