Monday, December 21, 2009

Lessons Learned..

Hello people..not that any of you are left reading me since I have disappeared..

At the end of each of my group project presentations for finals we had to include a "Lessons Learned" slide. I thought I'd do one about my year.

Lessons Learned:
* Relying on other people to make you feel hot will not, in fact, make you feel hot.
* My ability to multitask is on a superhuman scale.
* Nothing smells better than a little 4 year old cuddled up against you on a cold morning.
* You can do everything, but you can't have everything.
* No matter how much you might try to fight it, if you are a good person in your soul, you are a good person in your soul. Same goes for those with bad ones.
* True friends never judge you.
* 99% of what you tell people is usually repeated.
* Life is too short to be doing something you don't completely love.
* 9 out of 10 women suck
* If you find a great man, love him and don't let him go.

To sum up this insanity of a year, I leave it:
Having completed one semester of graduate school with no plans on returning. I hated the material, the topic and during the process..found something I love.

Ready to take on thrilling new opportunities for professional growth in 2010. The Relaunching of Paula begins.

So completely ready to leave every shred of this year behind me and spend the future focusing on my husband, my marriage, my gorgeous children and our beautiful life.

Lessons learned.

Rock on,