Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Age of Aquarius

February is here. January is over. Snow still on ground? Check. Storm coming this week. Check. Temp still hovering around 30 degrees daily? Check.

But my power month is HERE! Nobody messes with mama in February. Ever. Because'll lose and shit. My birthday month is all about new attitude for me..not sure why but February 1 hits and..."into the dark..there was a light".

Turning 37 in 14 days. WTF is that all about anyway? Does it even matter how old we are anymore? Does anyone care? I don' next topic.

January was a big fat dark hole of BLECH for me but with the love of some GREAT friends, lots of social activities and workouts that kicked my little patootie, I made it through. And there may have been a pizza in there or two..but really, who's counting? Anything to make mama smile.

This is my leaning month..have a fabulous dress to wear in exactly 20 days as maid of honor for my little pumpkin sister's wedding in Galway Ireland and I hope to look at least half as gorgeous as she is going to be..LOVE my dress though and can't wait to show you pictures...LOTSA LOTSA cardio for moi over the next 3 weeks..getting some gorgeous muscles that need to be shown OFF :) Galway won't know what to do with me.

Over the holidays I found this great natural rock store and bought a natural amethyst necklace and bracelet (that's Aquarius birthstone for those of you NOT in the know on the greatest sign)..plan on wearing that a LOT this month. My parents had gone to some amethyst mines in Northern Canada a while back and brought me back a chunk of magic. From the minute that amethyst sat on my desk at work, amazing things started happening. Just imagine if I start wearing it..

The Age of Aquarius is here.
Rock on,