Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's 2010!

This has become one of my favorite sayings between me and one of my best friends. 2009 was filled with insanity, bad judgement, stupid people and horrific decision making. 2010 is the year of being good. Of being proud of every decision you make. Of taking care of yourself and the people who have your back all the time. For giving yourself 100% to your loved ones and realizing that whatever you were "missing" in those relationships was there all along..and by ten fold.

I am so excited to be in 2010 with children who make me laugh every 5 minutes, a husband who I can't wait to see when he walks into the door each day and amazing friends who bore through some of the darkest times with me over the last year and had my back each and every day.

Don't act like it's 2009.

Let it be 2010 for everyone. Rock it.