Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life in Suburbia

Stay at home mommy life is fascinating to me. After having worked 90 hour weeks until my oldest was 3, I am relatively new to this (he is 5 now). The dynamics of the school playground moms, the neighborhood moms, the Starbucks moms, the gym moms...I feel like it is high school all over again. When you enter a new "circle" all the moms sniff you out, check out your ass and see if it is smaller than theirs - if it is - forget about finding a friend there. If there is anything I have learned, it is that stay at home moms LOVE UGLY FAT FRIENDS with HORRIBLE children! So you can imagine how hard it is for this hottie mom of two fabulous kids to find friends..ha! Seriously though, I started finding myself putting myself down, not showering for 4 days, anything to downplay myself because the shabbier I looked, the more friends I made. Nothing like a good boost to the self esteem.

So I keep all my old "single days" girlfriends around and am going out with them tonite. 2 are single, fabulous, dress like rockstars and just gorgeous - yet are just the most gorgeous women I know and their butts are DEFINITELY smaller than mine. The other two are taken but no kids, work full-time and just have their shit together..also a refreshing change.

So I can't wait to actually shower today, do my hair and put on a hot outfit and hit the town tonight with my ladies who expect NOTHING less than that for me. Because that is where true friendship lies.

Rock on.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post Numero Uno

As my husband likes to say "what is a blog and why do people do it?". Given that I have kept journals my entire life, I like to think of it is a public journal where I get to air my dirty laundry for all the world to see. So while you're reading, can you wash those socks?

Currently in Day Twenty of being what I guess should be called becoming a "Tony Diva". Or more aptly "putting myself through daily hell in the hopes of finding my pre-mommy body or some semblance thereof". Not sure if I am starting to look like the lean mean muscle machine hottie that I think I am or more of a jacked up mommy who looks like she bench-pressed her 50lb 5 year old one too many times. I'll go with the former - illusion is so much prettier than the reality.

Welcome to my of a rockstarmom. Yeah, that's it.

Rock on.