Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Tis the Season

Today is my annual Christmas Open House and I am so excited!! I have been throwing some sort of xmas party since my college days when I would decorate my dorm room every year with lights and serve punch to anyone that came is a genetic passdown from my nana - we entertain.

5 years ago I started with an afternoon open house - less of a commitment to just drop by and was an excuse to see friends that i don't get to see a lot. The first year it was mainly just my new neighborhood..about 40 people. This year, we are expecting upwards of 150 people. It always makes me happy to add new friends to the list every is a personal goal to expand and meet new friends each year I live in this town - so many wonderful people out there. I have about 40 dozen cookies made, have some great punches for the big people and santa is coming for the little ones. Basically everyone leaves on a sugar high, buzzed and santa'ed up :)

I have people coming from high school days and people I met a few months ago and it is so wonderful to have these blessings in my life all in one house. It is a good day - every year.

So far I have not cried once this holiday season - been having a blast doing holiday fun with family and friends, enjoying myself but taking care of myself and realizing that the fun of the season is not focusing on ME, it is in sharing times with others, giving to those who need it and to stop being so self-centered on MY body and if it is or isn't losing weight, tightening up. WHATEVER. Don't we all have better and bigger things to worry about this time of year? Go volunteer at a food pantry. Collect toys for those families who won't have any. Spend an afternoon making sugar cookies with your kids. Give your time and/or money you'd be spending on supplements/trainers to those nonprofits not making any money this year. Stop focusing on YOURSELF. 'tis the season.

Rock on,