Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's been over a month since my last confession..

Sorry..got carried away in thoughts of Catholic upbringing there when I saw the date of my last post..which actually feels like yesterday if that gives you a hint of what February was like.

To sum: Got sick the week before my birthday (Feb. 12 to be exact) and today is the first day I actually feel like one of the living again. Been through bronchitis, asthma attacks, sinus infections, nasty cold and a touch of flu. So much for my power month..ha!! This is apparently old age...oh goodie.

My sister's wedding and Ireland were AMAZING. Her husband's family is from Sweden and they just ROCK - he is one of 4 brothers and I feel like I have 4 new siblings...they were a blast and I learned all sorts of dirty Swedish words....should be a good time when I head over to Stockholm to visit and the only phrase I really know is Javla Gris! - that would be "Fucking Pig!" for those of you not in the know. Will be making a ton of friends.

My little sister and I at the wedding and with her groom on the Lough- isn't she just gorgeous?! My little peanut..all growns up:

The next one is my ripping up the dance floor during the Riverdance competition..only in Galway Ireland with an Irish rock band would I do this..but hey, 20 years of dance training paid off..I think I could get a job..ha! I have a new love for irish music now..there is just JOY in it and is impossible not to dance to..at least that is what I thought after some martinis..but have a whole new selection on my Ipod that never would have thought of..hey, St. Patricks Day is coming and I am READY. Then just a shot of me with my 3 new hot Swedish brothers..really, everyone should have some..

So..after Galway, came home, got Z-Pack and spent last week in recovery. March is in like a Lion and I am all over it...hold up though..I have to sneeze.
Javla Gris!
Rock on,