Friday, August 8, 2008

Pictures and Cereal and All the Good Stuff!

So...3 month mark with the T man..yikes! What a journey so far and I feel like I have just started!! Can't wait to see what happens at say, a year? I have a new set of menus (cereal! Yams! rice! bread! berries!) , a whole new type of workout (anyone else doing 30/40/50/60 reps AFTER each exercise..yipe yipe yipe) and well..let's see what happens here...MAYBE you'll see this rockstar up on stage late next year?? MAYBE....never say never! And make sure you zoom on the bikini - I was SO EXCITED TO FIND IT!!

And less you forget (because I sure would like to!!)..this is where I was 3 months ago..

The most fascinating thing so far is that I have only lost about 8 or so inches, have dropped now about 15 pounds but I feel like my body is taking on a whole new shape...I LOVE TONY!! I LOVE TONY!!
Rock on everyone, rock on,