Friday, August 29, 2008

Pink Crackberries Rock..

Just got a new toy today..the pink Curve Blackberry. Girlie and powerful at the same my husband says "perfect for you honey".

Feel like I am on the verge of so many new things lately. September is such a month of new beginnings and I am itchy. Ready to break through the wall with Tony, my workouts and my body and it has me just excited and scared at the same time. Kicking ass and taking names with my volunteer work with 3 different non-profits that were in desperate need of leadership - feels SO good to be useful again and to just have purpose beyond my family. Really debating going back to business school for once and for all while I am not working and before Lana starts school in a few years..for now working for free will need to be enough.

I feel like so much of this comes from feeling confident about my body and self again. Day by day I feel my old confidence coming back which means those who are insecure in areas of my life start getting "threatened". Oh well. My tolerance for ignorance and insecurity by peers is zero these days. We are in our late 30's people, let's find yourself and stop comparing so much to others and feeling "less than". I am done with passive agressive crap from "friends" and have told them that outright. You are on my team or you are not. I give so much to myself to those in my life, I have no time for bullshit. Take me or leave me. Love me or hate me. But don't sit on the fence - I don't do grey in friendships.

Rock on,