Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Gym, Pink Paint and Masters Degrees..oh my!

SO excited..just joined a new gym today. Well technically, an old gym that I had left a year ago and has been completely redone. Ipod hookups on the treadmill! More than one Smith Machine! An actual hack squat machine! 4 stepmills that actually work! I am giddy!! They also have a ton of very fun looking "Group" classes..Group Power (all weights) and Group Ride (spin on crack). Given my Tony workouts I won't be needing the Power but REALLY looking forward to the Group Ride for extra cardio...

This week is INSANE with kids getting off to school, trying to get Lana's room ready for her 3rd birthday next week (painting it a light pink with all kids of chocolate brown accents and her new big girl furniture!). Meeting with my undergrad school on Monday to discuss my starting my MS in IT/MBA combo next Fall. SO excited about the time I am done the kids will be in school and YES, I can have the best of both worlds :) Plus an extra income never hurt either round these parts..yikes..

Has everyone else heard about Tony's mom? She had a stroke this weekend and they are putting in a pacemaker..he was a bit of a wreck about it. I have found myself checking in ON HIM this week which is nice to do after all he does for me...send prayers.

Off to paint while kids are paint arms here I come!
Rock on,