Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tony Dream and Questions

Okay..first my dream:
Last night I had a dream that i was in NYC and thought I would "drop by" his gym to meet him and say hi. I got to the address and it was an office building. Went inside and asked for him and a receptionist gave me a weird look and brought me to a door. She knocked, told me "good luck" and opened it. Inside was this little room totally bare. Pieces of paper were taped all over the walls (workouts probably). Standing in a corner doing these freaky little kicks against the wall was a 300 pound, scary white-skinned, flabby guy wearing just a pair of big boxer shorts. He was not only balding, but had large chunks of hair missing from the side of his head. Basically, white, fat, scary and hairy. And it was Tony! hahahahahahahaha. And all I could take in was that place smelled like one big dirty sock. And I thought..yikes, this guy is making a fortune off all of us ladies and he is like some big, sleazy guy (and he was totally sleazy and EWWWW). I even asked him about the picture on his website and he was like "oh yeah, that's just some guys picture I found online!"...ha! Then I woke up smelling dirty socks.

So of course I called Tony and left him a message about it...too freakin funny.

Which of course leads me to questions that perhaps all of you who have known him for so long can answer - and maybe I'll even ask him myself but I am just freakin curious now!

1. Have any of you ever MET Tony?
2. Does he have an actual gym?
3. Is he married? In a relationship? Gay? Not judging..just wondering??
4. If you have met him, is he tall, short?

Because really, I am just curious. Don't worry ladies, not THAT kind of curious ;) Being Italian myself I have never been attracted to my old kind..I prefer the tall, white, WASPy boys that wear Izods to contrast with my all black, motorcycle boots and min-skirt persona :)

Now let's DISH...
Rock on,