Wednesday, September 10, 2008


First, I am not a rollercoaster person. I am a twirly, make you sick ride person. Given that I am prone to motion sickness, this makes absolutely no sense. But my fear of falling -not heights, they don't bother me, it is the falling part that makes me throw up.

Kind of like life. I like climbing the hill. I like sitting on top of the hill. I hate falling off the hill - makes me throw up.

This week has been an insane rollercoaster. Had a power Monday with getting Lana's room done with paint 2 days ahead of schedule, met with the graduate school Doctor of the program and had an AWESOME meeting..left just buzzing with brain mojo and absolute plans to start my double Masters next Fall. Then yesterday was running around all morning and afternoon, launched my website (did it all by myself!!) at our mothers club meeting last night (to much applause..) and another power day.

Today is CRAPOLA. First, it is my first liquid day for Tony. Yippee. I am willing to give it a shot but I might just chew my leg off any moment. It is also making me very cranky. And it's only noon so I have that going for me. Might be time for emergency apple. Had a whole day planned on getting the house cleaned, cleaning Lana's room out for her furniture to come tomorrow, etc. Login to my desktop this morning and BAM - reboots, PHYSICAL MEMORY DUMPING message appears and JUST LIKE THAT, it is gone. Spent next 90 minutes on the phone to India which was a waste and have the Geek Squad coming tomorrow to try and save, oh, my 5 years worth of pictures of my kids that are all on my hard drive...SOMEBODY KILL ME.

Did I mention I am doing all this on a protein shake? Did I say that yet?

Couple that with the ridiculous response I have gotten from a couple of "close" friends about my very excited and long thought out decision to go back to school. "What about your family?" was one comment. WTF is that all about? I have 2 kids and now apparently have to stay home and make freakin cookies for the rest of my life? Last time I checked we have a mother of 5 running for Vice President of the United Fuckin States...I'm not voting for her but hey, if she can do it...why can't all of us? I have just never understood "friends" that immediately jump on the negative when you tell them something positive about your life that you are excited about - hi, how is your insecurity? How about BEING HAPPY FOR YOUR FRIEND? Didn't ask for your opinion, didn't ask you for advice, just telling you what your friend is doing - didn't your mother ever tell you if you can't say something nice...shut the fuck up!

Did I mention I am doing a liquid day today?

Again, I am nothing but thrilled when I see a friend excited about doing something to better his/her life...isn't that what friendship is?? I am not a stupid person, quite ridiculous bright as my past academic and professional record proves. My husband is 150% supportive and is the one who made me make the call when I kept talking about it and wasn't doing anything. My kids are going to be in school full-time. I miss using my brain and LOVE that I will find a use for it again, beyond the fact that it never hurts to have an extra income coming in down the line so we can do even more fun things as a family and as a couple.

So stop trying to push me down the hill already...I am on the climb and plan on staying there for quite some time!!

Rock on,