Monday, August 18, 2008

Yin and Yang really need each other..

That about sums about my weekend..was unbelieveable. UN-BE-LIEVABLE. Meeting my friend's wife who has been battling brain cancer for 5 years was a life changing experience. She is my new freakin' hero and inspiration for ANYTHING that I don't feel like I have the energy or guts to do going forward. Just a total her.

And because I know you want to know...things were perfect with my friend and I. We got to have so many talks and spend so much gorgeous alone time together. I love him so much in just a special way. So many people assumed we were married this weekend and every time we both would yell out "NO - we would kill each other!" at the same time. And it is so true. So important to find a Yin to your Yang. And we are both..well...Yang. We had a long talk about our spouses this weekend and it was really funny for us to figure out that our partners have almost identical personalities - which is what makes them perfect for us!

Amazing weekend. Thank you God for bringing such special people in my life - I am blessed.
Rock on,