Friday, October 10, 2008

Bitter is the New Black..

Totally pilfered that from a great book but seemed apt title for today's post..

Bitter? Anyone? Pick me! And you! And what seems to be 99% of the population these days! What is UP people?? Yeah, I know the economy is in the shitter. I know winter is coming right around the corner. But everyone seems SO obsessed with themselves lately..I have a great friend who is pregnant for the first time - she told me I am the only friend who is actually happy for her...everyone else is making it all about them and how it impacts THEIR life and THEIR self esteem negatively. WTF? I have a neighbor who refuses to ask about my life, flat out refuses. Will go on and on about herself, her husband and her kids and how life just sucks and then just..walk away. WTF? I have a soon to be sister in law who shows absolutely NO interest in my life or my childrens life yet expects the world to revolve around her and her wedding these days. WTF?

So yeah..I'm a little bitter. And after a week of hell with my three year old child of satan apparently - today is my husbands birthday. And after a nice week at work for him, he gets to go golfing all day today with my dad and then the sitter comes as soon as he gets home and we go out to celebrate his birthday tonight. And you know what? I'm pissed! I've had a SHITTY week. I am bone tired, have had zero free time for myself, have squeaked in 3 crappy workouts because I am just so emotionally and physically drained, my son is home all day today and Monday so while he has had all kinds of fun alone time working out every morning this week, nice alone commute every day, all kinds of kudos this week at work, and now a relaxing day of golf with my dad - after my shit week I get to stay home today, clean the house all day, bake him a cake, get presents ready from the kids and me and make the day all about Steve. NOT HAPPY. SO BITTER. AWFUL WIFE. BAD PERSON. And don't give one shit about it. Not a one. Mama has needs that are not being fulfilled and this NEEDS TO CHANGE.

And goddamnit, I am wearing black tonight.

Rock it,