Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School is in!

So..thoughts of the day. WOW! Crazy times here. I set out this year with some personal goals for achievement on the professional side. I put my professional life on hold 3 years ago to stay home for a few years with always the understanding that I would go back to work - from a personal fulfillment level AND a financial level..it is necessary. One of my goals was to go back WITH a graduate degree..just wasn't sure which one.

So..I am so happy to say that I got into graduate school at one of the BEST business schools around for a Masters in Science in IT (i am total IT geek)...the program is a bit specific to designing and researching systems and is the largest of it's kind in the country - example, Microsoft sends their people here for this Masters..and I'm in Boston. So..I am thrilled I got in and even more exciting is that they give me a scholarship to do it. I'll also be getting a paid internship in the Spring which I am over the top about. I will be able to finish the program probably by December 2010 and then..look out working world..here comes mama :)

So..this is something I have wanted for a long time. And I am so excited about it..nervous as hell, but excited. I have some fabulous supportive friends locally who have already come out and offered to help with the kids (the classes are at night so will only need a sitter for an hour or two a week..perfect). I feel like I am just surrounded by good friends lately. Because it's been a year and they are just..with me.

So..just wanted to share my happiness of the day...going to get a little busy come September but I am just thrilled to start buying some new notebooks and pens..nerd alert, table two.

Rock on,