Monday, August 3, 2009

Pan Mass - check!

The Pan Mass is DONE! My partner and I were discussing during the ride and even though we have done it 3x, know what to expect every time, it WEIGHS on you for months prior. The fundraising (everyone HAS to raise $3k or they literally bill your credit card Oct. 1 for the balance), the training, all of it.

But I had a great ride, smoked the first 40 miles (at one point was going 36.8mph on my PR!!!) and had a relatively pain-free recovery..little more stiff today but all in all, the best yet.

The funniest part is that I barely spent anytime on my bike this year training due to the horrific weather we have had here in the northeast this summer..I have been working with Tony consistently, have put on a ton of muscle but did 2 rides in the last 2 months and have just been doing his interval cardio for 12-15 minutes. Yet somehow was able to bike those 85 miles the fastest I have ever done it. God love Tony.

So..after a day of rest..going to ease back into the gym today...sigh. relief. now I can just focus on...muscle, muscle, muscle.

The picture of me is at finish with my riding partner, Chris - he just did a century ride in a hurricane a week ago so is my new hero! Hard core!!

Rock on,