Friday, July 18, 2008

My Happy Night..

Went out in town last night with the ladies for our monthly jaunt. The single girls wanted to head to the hottest bar in the city and it was PACKED full of hot young professionals. I came a little later by myself. We were hanging out all night and at the end of the night met the head of security and his two very serious, probation officer by day/ security by night officers who were two very serious tall, built, black and Armani suit clad men.

One of them came over to all of us and said "I just need to come over here and tell YOU (looking at me) that when you walked into the bar tonite every guy in this place stopped and stared and we don't see that very often. We thought someone famous walked in" HA! I said "wow, I must have something hanging from my butt!"..hee hee..was very embarrassed but wow, that hasn't happened in well, A VERY LONG TIME! My single hot girlfriend was like "She is married with two kids!!" - hee hee..

It was a much needed "you go girl" on the arm after a rough week..sometimes no matter how much we know it is more important to be a good person and have a good heart then it is to have a certain waist size, it is still great to hear that someone thinks your outside business is hot stuff.

Rock on,