Monday, July 7, 2008

Oversharers have Secrets Too..

I am self-admittedly - a huge oversharer. Tell me a secret, chances are someone else is going to find out if it is juicy enough. Want to hear about someone's else's issues - I will gladly share. (Though in my defense, if told to keep info to myself, I am perfectly capable and will do so). I like to gossip, in a harmless - share information with the world kind of way. And well, that is just me and has been since, well, the age of 3 when I started telling on my brother.

However, for a large oversharer of other people's information, there is a lot about me that is kept in secret. Some things only divulged to certain members of the "circle of trust' and somethings..well, never. To anyone...

Not that I keep some dark, morbid, heads in my fridge kind of secret. It is all probably more, well, "boy" related..and usually things of not real importance. Take yesterday - I ended up in the ER with a scratched cornea (because that's a fun way to spend a gorgeous Sunday). Immediately a VERY cute, Dr. Caref type (Grey's ref there) nurse came in and while taking my vitals, started flirting. He then came to visit every 5 minutes the entire time I was there. Yeah, he was hot. And cute. And apparently oblivious not only to the fact that I had one eye swollen and completely shut but also hadn't showered in 2 days (i know, ew). But truth be told, he was a godsend to me and when he ran over to be the one to walk me out, I left him and went to my husband and my ER relationship ended. But it really lifted me up and I felt hot and sexy and well, wantable. Is this something I will share with well, anyone but you? No.

There are a lot of these man interactions in my life..sometimes they happen frequently, sometimes not for months. Sometimes it is a complete stranger, sometimes an exboyfriend out of the past that reappears for an email, a phone call. But everytime one does, my heart starts beating a little faster, my head goes up a little higher and for a moment, I get giddy like a schoolgirl who realizes after years of braces and boys making fun of her, that maybe a boy might actually have a crush on her. Call it what you will..these interactions make my life a very fun place to live and I have never once stepped over the line into infidelity. Not a glimmer.

So those are my secrets...and now I have overshared them.
Rock on,