Friday, July 25, 2008

A Wise Woman Once Said..

...that everyone that comes into your life for a period of time becomes a part of who you are. This woman was my dance teacher for 15 years, my mentor and more than anything, a mother figure to me growing up. Joyce. I spent hours on hours and days in her studio with her, learning from her, teaching with her, laughing with her, crying with her. Her life has literally been dance since the age of 4 (she is now over 70) and last night, 10 years after her retirement, she held a reunion at her house for all the "old" studio girls.

I love this woman and am so happy she is back in my life again. Just being around her again (it has been almost 20 years since I have seen her) I saw SO MUCH of myself as an adult that came from her. All of us at the reunion felt the same way - she is dance and magic and joy at the same time she is blunt, no-nonsense motherly. To be surrounded by 20 girls that I spent so much time of my life with was wonderful - different from a school reunion, this was a group of women who shared a common LOVE for dance - we may not have been great, but nobody would ever question our joy of performing which made up for anything lacking in, uh, technique. Though at the time we all thought we were rockstar dancers!

Of course it didn't hurt to show off my still-in progress Tony body either to all these women and I felt great with all the compliments I received..three of the girls just came up to me and said that I have inspired them to start working out again just by looking at me..hee hee..

Next Saturday I ride in the Pan Mass Challenge - 84 miles for cancer. My page is HERE. Training for this has been trying to say the least as I feel like my heart is more into Tony these days then getting on my bike. Either way, I am praying for sunshine and no wind next Saturday as I try to finish in 5 hours or less...but this ride isn't about me, it is about finding a cure so no matter how long it takes, every hill is worth it. Some things are more about the journey...

Rock on,