Monday, July 14, 2008

Nobody Ever Tells You What Happens After You Find Happily Ever After...

Interesting thought, eh? And can apply to so much in our lives. Finding the perfect partner. Having the child you were trying for for years. Reaching your ideal goal weight. Getting the perfect job. I could go on..

I am a goal oriented person and once set, goals get done. 'Nuf said. My issues occur AFTER I reach the goal. After the finish line is crossed. Then all I can think is "now what the F^&* do I do?". And I go thru a little loss. Some depression. Funk, bleh, yeck. Then somehow a fire gets lit under me for something and I am off again. I love the fire. I hate when there isn't any. Can't deal with that.

How do you learn to enjoy life without the fire - even if for just a little while? Or is the point to keep the flame lit all the time and just pass the torch from one goal in your life to another? Fire to reach goal weight to fire to go back to school to fire to join a new organization to fire to plan a huge party..etc. Anyone following here? Right now I am pre-fire. Which always makes me a little anxious. There are goals in my head but I haven't commited yet. Because once I do, I know the work involved and more important, the energy needed. And a huge leap of faith. But what is the alternative - sit all mopey and try to avoid committing so I can avoid any chance of failure.

Not a chance. It's time to jump.
Rock On,