Friday, June 13, 2008

5 Week Pictures..Eek

Man, I always look better in my head! My husband kept "lovingly" whacking me upside the head today as I was putting these comps together and muttering "no change, no change,no change"..why are we so hard on ourselves. Oh, did I mention that I woke up at 4am with TOM arrived - 5 days early!! On photo day! GREAT! But I had to take them so here they are..I apparently never took a "before" side shot so here is my 5 week one..just imagine horror side shot for beginning.

Going to save measurements for next weekend since I am bloated and BLECH.
Starting weight: 162.5
Weight today: 151 (that is with TOM bloat so thinking I would have made my 150 goal if not for this stupid surprise..BLECH!!)
Happy thoughts, happy to send to Tony and take about 20 Advil..
Rock on,