Friday, June 20, 2008

What's Past is....Past.

This has been a fascinating year for me. For whatever reason, maybe it is mid-life crisis time for everyone, maybe everyone is bored, maybe I am just a magnet for weirdness, maybe it is just Facebook - I have been contacted by no less than 20 people from my very distant past. One was a high school fling that I haven't spoken to in about 12 years. One was my psychotic ex-boyfriend that I had a restraining order against that wanted to add me to his "professional network" - WTF? A few were girls I danced with in high school at my old studio that I literally have not spoken to in almost 20 years.

And recently I am being stalked by my 8th grade nemesis, former best friend who stole the man I loved at 12 years old (nothing like your best friend at that age knowing you have loved the same boy since you were 6 and then going behind your back and making him her boyfriend - yeah, that girl). You know, after, well, 25 years you'd think I'd forgive and forget. But you know, I am a firm believer that some character flaws just grow greater with age. So though she continues to try and get in touch with me (thru various random and psychotic means but never directly) - I would just like to say - stay in the past. Because I have no room for you in my present or future. Biatch.

Good to see that I'm not Italian and don't hold onto things..
Rock on,