Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hair Today..

So I chopped off 9 inches of hair. Samson has shaved his head. This was a process that created more freedom in me than the fact that I don't need to replace my $25 shampoo every month now.

Since having babies, my hair became a security blanket for my body. Hated my belly that day, did my hair down so everyone would just focus on the hair. Ass looking large. Hair down. Back boobies showing thru a tanktop (and you know you had them) - hair would cover them.

But a funny thing happened as I started on this journey with Tony - I started feeling like my hair was getting in the way. Too heavy for my intervals, covering up my newly defined shoulders - just a BOTHER. So I called up, made an appointment for the next day, didn't tell my husband and WHAM, off with the head.

I love it. I am free. And in some ways, it is a big motivator for me then anything - because there is no blanket to hide behind anymore. This is me - exposed.

Rock On,