Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh the In Laws...

What a worn out topic of conflict this must be for everyone..but being that I am currently sitting in the great state of Ohio after 4 days of in-law hell, I feel it only appropriate to share my own views..

In-Law: Def, family of partner that one does not choose but rather, is saddled with.

Is it me or is everyone's inlaws out of their freakin' mind?? My husband's family consists of: His dad, who I actually love, who is in his 12th year of cancer and currently battling brain cancer. His stepmom, who is a hypochondriac, pill-popper with a good heart but silently wishes her husband would either find a cure for cancer or well, move on. My mother-in-law who is strangely an intricate part of my father in law and stepmom's life. She is a financial disaster and trainwreck who has been enabled most of her life. My husband's sister who is married with 3 children and has a husband who is not working approximately 2 hours a week, including weekends thus she is home raising 3 children alone. The crazy aunt who is mentally not all there yet is loaded so sister and mother in law latch on to her constantly so she will pay for things.

Oh, I love visiting.

Since Saturday, there have been 3 blow-outs, 5 random sessions of gossiping and bad-mouthing and I sit there as the dumping ground for all of it. Think of me as the shit magnet for all of my husband's family - it just lands on me. So I nod, sympathize, try to offer advice and without a doubt, before I get on the plane tomorrow, somehow they will all turn on me because I made the wrong comment about somebody driving a minivan or told someone's child to stop hitting mine.

But you can't escape them. Because they are family. Just not my own. Somebody kill me.

Trying to rock on,